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Your soul voice (aka spirit) is speaking loudly.  You can even feel it throughout your body.  It's telling you that the time to change is NOW, and in case you have doubts, please note that your inner voice NEVER leads you astray.

You have even done some work, taken inspired action, read a ton of self-help books, and maybe had coaching or therapy before. But you have now hit an invisible wall, and can’t seem to break through it.

You were not created to be unhappy, to live a life bound by the expectations and "should's" of others. You were not created to define your self-worth based on your past experiences. You were not created to emotionally or physically struggle. Rather, you are a perfect being at soul level and are meant to live a life of joy and abundance while sharing your divine gifts with the world.

The thing about your soul is that it is going to nudge you change. And if YOU don’t listen, it’s going to enlist the help of your physical body ~ chronic anxiety, anyone?

Meanwhile, your monkey-mind starts to freak out and feeds you a bunch of excuses to keep you right where you are. Then 5 years down the road you find yourself in the EXACT same place, dealing with the exact same issues. WTF!

So here’s the big SECRET: When you decided to start making choices in alignment with who you are at soul-level (as well as know what this even looks like), and you uncover and shift your unhelpful (and often hidden) patterns, you are in a position to create the life you truly want.

People who work with me are committed to taking soul-aligned ACTION so they can create NEW results in their personal life and/or business. They desire something greater: more PEACE, more FREEDOM, more JOY, more CONFIDENCE, and the CLARITY needed to move forward.

I invite you to experience the healing and transformative power of the Akashic Records... a true mind, body, AND soul approach to leaving behind that which no longer serves you so you can get your life and biz working for you again.

Spiritual Tools + Practical Application = REAL Change!

I specialize in digging up the shit you CAN'T see.

This life is way too short to not experience your greatest desires.

What do you want? You were designed to get it!

Let's get started.


Shift your perspective. Create a new story about yourself. Uncover unhelpful subconscious beliefs. Sometimes what you perceive is "broken" within is actually one of your greatest strengths!


Restore depleted energy. Understand the emotional context behind physical symptoms. If you aren't listening to yourself, your body will speak for you!


Learn how you best operate in the world. Deepen your intuition. Gain awareness of, and resolve any past life issues that are keeping you stuck in unhelpful patterns.

P.S. All these areas are connected anyway - resolution in one area leads to a positive shift and greater awareness in another.

This life is way too short to spend another minute defining yourself by someone else's judgments!

Stop "should-ing" yourself and doing shit you hate because it's "expected". This = abundance in the crapper.

Create meaning from loss and difficult life experiences. You aren't being “punished”, btw, and you are NOT your experiences! #selfworth

Stop repeating the same unhelpful patterns… you know, the ones you swear, every time, will NEVER happen again, but then you find yourself knee deep in the muck?

Discover your divine gifts and primary archetypes so you can make life AND business choices in alignment with your strengths. #fulfillment #abundance

Inner peace and calm, happiness, forgiveness, love, wealth, confidence, clarity, validation. Who wants it? Anyone, anyone?

Get what you want. Reach your goals. I mean really, you didn't create a vision board for nothing!!

  • My Akashic Records reading with Lore was one great big confirmation with lots of juicy detail about a lot of things that I had hunches on. It was thrilling to get so much clarity about areas of my life that I have struggled, and about areas of my life that I was already happy with.
  • Lore's reading of my Akashic records and the clearings that she has done has been very helpful to my journey of becoming a more confident and happy person and business owner. She answered all my questions and showed a level of integrity and caring that put me at ease.
  • My Akashic records session provided me with more clarity as to what my natural gifts are. Lore presents the information well; it is amazingly accurate and informative. I would totally suggest everyone who is stuck, or not so much stuck, to do it!
  • The clarity to move forward with confidence knowing my gifts and soul purpose was a huge game changer for me. I'm eternally grateful that I found Lore, and thrilled to recommend her to anyone else searching for their own answers.
  • All in all, I must say my experience has been life changing. I'm finally starting to gain my confidence and happiness. I am so thankful for all the guidance I've received.
  • Lore Earley was spot on in the things she told me that she got from my records. For me it really was a huge confirmation of what I have been feeling for a long time. It gave me a much deeper understanding of the why behind a lot of my actions.
  • I felt I just needed some confirmation that I AM serving my purpose, and this FULLY confirmed for me that I am. It could not feel any more AMAZING and aligned. What she does is awesome and if you don't know much about her work, I honestly can not recommend enough that you go look.
  • I found out my main energy is divine power, something that I thought had been taken from me because of my past experiences. Thank you Lore for giving me confirmation to let my true self shine.
  • WOW - super cool info!! And you are so right - knowing this stuff totally boosts your confidence.
  • My reading validated much of what I've had a hunch on for much of my life. It gave me real clarity to the direction I should move to be in alignment with my soul path, and helped fill in the blanks regarding a number of unanswered questions that I had.
  • You opened my eyes to some incredible insights about myself that has helped me to develop on both a personal and business level - deep soul searching, insight development, forgiveness and realizing of feelings of unworthiness, turned worthiness.
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