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Do you know what you are divinely created to do?

As a spiritually conscious entrepreneur, solopreneur, or career changer it’s not enough to just “work” or sell something.

You want an authentic business that is fun, that flows, and really taps into your passions and purpose.

You would love spend your days in your ZONE OF GENIUS.

But you don’t have the clarity you need.

Looking for validation that you are on the “right” track?

You have a ton of interests, passions, learned skills, valuable work / life experiences, and things you happen to be good at (but don’t really like to do).

What fits together? What doesn’t?

Maybe you absolutely love the work that you are doing, but you feel like you are beating your head against the wall when it comes to marketing and selling in a way that feels like, well, YOU.


You just want your work in the world to reflect what you were truly created to do, and make money doing it!

It's time to step into your zone of genius!

Hi, I’m Lore. I teach people their archetypal and soul-level gifts, and support them in digging up and removing the hidden blocks that are standing in the way of their professional goals.

Are you a millennial that refuses to settle, and wants to immediately make a greater impact in the world while calling your own shots?

Maybe you are seeking a career change at 40 or 50 because you just can't take another day of your current soul-sucking job.

Or maybe you've been established for awhile, and find passion in your work, but your business isn't growing like you want it to despite following recommended marketing and sales strategies.

This transformational work is for committed professionals who:

  • want massive clarity around their purpose, gifts, and strengths
  • want to step into their zone of genius
  • want to create alignment and flow in their business so that they most effectively experience the success they desire
  • want to live and work their passions and purpose
  • want to get unstuck and are ready to uncover and eliminate any barriers in their way

Your purpose is not a "job", it's who you ARE.


You can follow someone else’s business model or blueprint to a “T”, yet NEVER get the same results.


Your unique set of gifts combined with HOW you best manifest and reach your goals is exclusive to YOU.

Others don’t have the same framework, nor the same life/work experience, so THEIR way can never be YOUR way.

Let's figure out how you best do YOU.

Hi, I’m Lore. I teach people their archetypal and soul-level gifts, and support them in digging up and removing the hidden blocks that are standing in the way of their professional goals.

  • I reached out to Lore because I was aware that something was blocking my energetic ability to live and love fully; it felt like there was a wall between where I was and where I wanted to be that I just couldn’t get past. Lore’s work resonated with me due to the deep healing process that encompasses not just this lifetime but also past lifetimes, which I intuitively knew was where my blocks must be. During my Akashic clearing with Lore I could see how patterns from many lifetimes were still playing out despite my best intentions. I felt an immediate energetic clearing during the session, and am continuing to find new ways of being in the space created by the cleansing she performed. I feel like a new person. Thanks Lore!
    Paula Holland De Long, What’s Next For My Life Inc.
  • My Akashic Records reading with Lore was one great big confirmation with lots of juicy detail about a lot of things that I had hunches on. It was thrilling to get so much clarity about areas of my life that I have struggled, and about areas of my life that I was already happy with.
  • Lore's reading of my Akashic records and the clearings that she has done has been very helpful to my journey of becoming a more confident and happy person and business owner. She answered all my questions and showed a level of integrity and caring that put me at ease.
  • My Akashic records session provided me with more clarity as to what my natural gifts are. Lore presents the information well; it is amazingly accurate and informative. I would totally suggest everyone who is stuck, or not so much stuck, to do it!
  • The clarity to move forward with confidence knowing my gifts and soul purpose was a huge game changer for me. I'm eternally grateful that I found Lore, and thrilled to recommend her to anyone else searching for their own answers.
  • All in all, I must say my experience has been life changing. I'm finally starting to gain my confidence and happiness. I am so thankful for all the guidance I've received.
  • Lore Earley was spot on in the things she told me that she got from my records. For me it really was a huge confirmation of what I have been feeling for a long time. It gave me a much deeper understanding of the why behind a lot of my actions.
  • I felt I just needed some confirmation that I AM serving my purpose, and this FULLY confirmed for me that I am. It could not feel any more AMAZING and aligned. What she does is awesome and if you don't know much about her work, I honestly can not recommend enough that you go look.
  • I found out my main energy is divine power, something that I thought had been taken from me because of my past experiences. Thank you Lore for giving me confirmation to let my true self shine.
  • WOW - super cool info!! And you are so right - knowing this stuff totally boosts your confidence.
  • My reading validated much of what I've had a hunch on for much of my life. It gave me real clarity to the direction I should move to be in alignment with my soul path, and helped fill in the blanks regarding a number of unanswered questions that I had.
  • You opened my eyes to some incredible insights about myself that has helped me to develop on both a personal and business level - deep soul searching, insight development, forgiveness and realizing of feelings of unworthiness, turned worthiness.
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