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Lore Earley

I am a professional psychic, licensed psychotherapist, believer in the healing forces of nature, an educator, alchemist, adventurer, witty writer, and a hopeless fan of House Hunters International. I use my travel and everyday life experiences to share the wisdom and soul lessons behind the shit that happens, while teaching people who they are at soul level. My passion lies in using life and humor to motivate and inspire others to understand and connect to their spirit for lasting confidence, abundance, and joy.


(772) 237-0804



She helped me with a lot of issues that me and my bf were having and not to mention the bad career I was in. It's like she opened my eyes to a different world. You need to see for yourself.

I will tell you one thing, I went there with an open mind and positive as to what she was going to say was going to relieve me. Just as I thought. She made me feel at ease. She was straight to the point and removed the stress away.
She is definitely gifted and truly cares. I have spoken to her a few times and feel so connected to her. What I like is she gets right to the point. She also sends me positive energy. She's told me details that no one else would know. If your looking for a physic definitely pick her!!

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